15/06/2024 11:51 pm

Welcome to BSD Group

Here’s a brief explanation of our work:

First, we’re glad to have you here to have a look at our website.

Davari industry foundation
BSD Group


bsd-group under the name exclusively Bonyad Sanat Davari is an organization that provides various services ranging from metal products including metal blanking die, punching die and forming die, murphy bed fittings and hinges, wardrobe for children bedroom and murphy bed decorative cabinets and cabinets rollers and any other ordered parts using the latest technology and knowledge of the day plus serial lathing services via machines that all work together, to wood products including wood bowls, trays, and MDF and many other the same products, is honoring to introduce itself as a creative manufacturer that accepts any work offer from designing to production. We also produce gas springs, carry out the metal welding offers and provide finish painting using heat drying electrostatic technology.




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  1. I’m interested in wood utensils and have some bought already for the kitchen thanks

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