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Metal industry

Metal industry and metal production of bsd

Here’s where we are going to discuss what metal is.

Generally, our metal industry provides various products

Including blanking, forming, and cutting die manufacturing by taking advantage of the latest technology and knowledge of the day.

In a word, we’re here to innovate and move for more products.

Manufacturing blanking dies and forming dies, particularly the cutting dies, and stamping dies, is one of the most important duties for us to do.

Our serial lathing machines perform large quantities of tasks.

Metal industry

At this point, we utilize facilities like paunch press machines with up to 120 tons of pressure in which the forming dies, cutting dies, stamping dies also blanking die are being installed inside it

to perform tasks in large quantities and provide offers as soon as possible.

As an illustration, Our range of products also includes manufacturing gas springs in several types.

metal production of bsd

Our company owns a salon for blacksmithing with several welding machines, with skilled personnel and operators working.

The die manufacturing industry and serial lathing machines are the two notable points of our job, specifically with the most advanced equipment

Including design and CNC machining, CNC cutting, industrial spark engraving machines, and variable punch press machines ranging from 6 tons up to 120 tons of pressure,

metal production of bsd

with a great work experience since 2010 In the field of producing and manufacturing various metal dies.

Designing and manufacturing automobile parts and all kinds of hinges in addition to serial lathing orders from A25 to A42T

We announce our readiness in line with all types of mentioned services.


basically and essentially, bsd group meets a qualification standard

The company also possesses a due license for die manufacturing and a credible invoicing system from the union association.

Metal production of bsd

To see the metal products of the bsd-group foundation, visit the following links: 





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