21/05/2024 10:31 am

L-shaped corner bracket

Production of all hinges by the implementation of punching, blanking, and forming dies using punch press machines


The hinge and bracket production industry have made progress in the most used part of manufacturing some products as some elements have to be mounted on each other to allow them to open and close like a door that stands on its hinges to operate suitably. Also, some parts may need to mount on a right angle, so you may need a bracket like the following to install them properly.

bsd metal industry
L-shaped corner bracket

This L-shaped corner bracket brace is to install wooden or plastic plates to a right angle, like in some cabinets and desks. It’s ultra-durable because of being painted by electrostatic technology and is anti-rust. It’s 5 millimeters in-depth and is a product of the punching and forming die process.  

Note: Currently, the purchase is only available in Iran, and if you’re already in the country, you can buy this product through the following link (in the Persian language using Iranian bank accounts):



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