15/06/2024 11:33 pm

Heavy wardrobe sliding door pulley

Bsd group pulley production is followed by punching die and forming die and plastic diecast molding and forming process.

Heavy wardrobe sliding door pulley is all made in davari industry foundation and is a total domestic product produced with 1.5mm depth iron sheet and is ultimately solid and durable and can compete with all the same products made abroad. It’s suitable for wooden railed doors.

bsd metal industry
Heavy wardrobe sliding door pulley

The installation procedure of this pulley is easy. This product meets all the safety measures. For better functioning, it is equipped with a Scrow above the chassis to adjust the height of the pulley and the weight force on the springs so the distance of the pully chassis from the rail

Note: Currently, the purchase is only available in Iran, And if you’re already in the country, you can buy this product through the following link (in the Persian language using Iranian bank accounts):


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