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Cabinet hinge (CHamp)

Durable and reliable for extended lifelong usage

Cabinet hinge (CHamp)

Cabinet hinge CHamp  BSD Cabinet hinges are all made galvanized and plated with chrome coating to last long and withstand corrosion and rust

the hinges are all made in the BSD industry using the latest technology 

Suitable for cabinet doors of any size up to 2-meter square



Cabinet hinge Champ, Cabinet hinge (Champ)
Cabinet hinge (CHamp)

Installation instruction:

Using an electric drill, Screw the hinge with four drywall screws to fix it at the installation location.

Instruction of adjustment:

There are two screws on the product to adjust the height and the diagonal stage of the door against the side of the cabinet.

To adjust the door height, the screw at the center of the hinge must be turned, and for the adjustment of the door diagonally, the second screw should be turned loose, so you need to adjust the door with your hand, then you have to screw it tight again when the door is adjusted diagonally.

We sell these product in any quantity   



Cabinet hinge CHamp


Note: Currently, the purchase is only available in Iran

so if you’re already in the country,

then you can buy this product through the following link (in the Persian language using Iranian bank accounts):



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