15/06/2024 11:56 pm

U-shaped mounting bracket

bsd metal industry,U shaped bracket

U-shaped mounting bracket U shaped mounting bracket attaches the rectangular iron profile to a wide plate or surface of wood or any other martial, likewise It possesses two holes to screw it onto the surface to keep it firm while connecting the two objects.    The U-shaped bracket is made of iron with a 2mm […]

L-shaped corner bracket

bsd metal industry

Production of all hinges by the implementation of punching, blanking, and forming dies using punch press machines

Welcome to BSD Group

Davari industry foundation

Here’s a brief explanation of our work: First, we’re glad to have you here to have a look at our website. BSD Group Introduction: bsd-group under the name exclusively Bonyad Sanat Davari is an organization that provides various services ranging from metal products including metal blanking die, punching die and forming die, murphy bed fittings […]